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Helen Robinson

Helen Robinson.jpg

'a strong sense of light, mystery and drama'


Helen Robinson’s recent paintings are contemporary sea and cloudscapes which have an immensely strong sense of light, mystery and drama.  Memories and photographs of travel and sailing experiences provide the starting point for her work which evolves towards abstraction.  She focuses on the way light interacts with sky, earth and water - both vast expanses of sea and intricate salt marshes with their detailed patterns of tidal water channels.  Her unrealistic use of colour creates a semi-abstract feel to her work although the subject matter is always apparent. Tonal blending and expressive brush marks convey different moods and weather, calm and stormy. 



Having obtained an Honours degree in Art History in 2013, Helen found that she was drawn mostly to landscape artists who focused on light including 17th century Dutch landscape painters, the 'unfinished works' of William Turner, and more contemporary artists such as Norman Ackroyd and the late Fred Cuming.  She also related to the romantic concept of the sublime - nature can be awe-inspiring and beautiful but also menacing and hazardous.



Helen Robinson has exhibited at various galleries in London, including the Mall Galleries as part of ING Discerning Eye, the Camden Image Gallery, the Strand Gallery, The Crypt Hall, St Marylebone Parish Church and the Gallery at Green and Stone.

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