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Julia Ramsay

2nd Prize Winner

Stone Prize Award 2019



Artist's statement

I am passionate about process and colour, letting the medium work for itself and heavily inspired by Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. I first discovered oils when I was 18 years old and haven’t gone back to another medium, they give me freedom and quality in the pigment. I enjoy exploring the vast possibilities guided by the artist’s hand and the tools employed. Nature is where I feel alive especially around water. I am inspired by the landscapes and seascapes that surround us and try not to dictate the location in my paintings and let the technique, atmosphere and colour connect with the viewer. I am a qualified secondary school teacher, teaching Art locally for 10 years with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art. I have two small children and live in Hertfordshire. I have exhibited with the Kimpton Art show and with Herts Open studies for a number of years

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