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Global Reactive Art Exhibition

May 2017



Gogyoshi Art Project International,

Peace and Art Society,


International Culture & Arts Federation


International Association of Two and Three Dimensional Artists.

Organised by:

Marilyn J Comparetto, Paulo Duarte Filipe and Laura H Elliott


Artists worldwide have been invited to submit a work of art to the Global Reactive Art Exhibition that will be held at Mardleybury Gallery through May 2017.  Each piece of art will be an interpretation of one of Taro Aizu's poems that illustrate his personal experiences following the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, that resulted in the cracked nuclear reactor and the tsunami. Taro's story through his poetry highlights the environmental risks around our beautiful planet.

The exhibition in UK at the Mardleybury Gallery will be part of artistic collaboration that is moving around the world - sponsored by Art Nations, Peace and Art Society, Gogyoshi Art Project, The International Culture and Arts Federation and the International Association for Two and Three Dimensional Artists.


Due to the result of an amazing response from artists there will be a wide range of artwork on display that will include paintings, photographic art, sculptures and installations.

The Exhibition:

  • Start of exhibition Monday 1st May 2017

  • End of exhibition Sunday 28th  May 2017

  • Entry: Free

Taro Aizu's speech for the opening of the Global Reactive International Art Exhibition.

Further information about Taro Aizu:


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