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Competition with FAA Members

First Prize Winner - Eunice Warfel

"I've always loved art but only became passionate about it when I was introduced to Alcohol Inks. I love the vibrancy of the inks and love to watch them work and interact with each other. I especially love painting flowers and seascapes in inks as well as watercolor. I've had the privilege of living on four continents and visiting every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Having seen so much of the world, I have so many pictures tucked away in my mind that I want to paint. I'm drawn to the abstract and semi-abstract and love to be more playful than detailed in my art.


While living in Australia, I had the privilege of being tutored by Barb Stuart, an Australian Artist who has a passion for the Aboriginal people and the Out Back Australia. She taught me a lot about water color painting. I was also featured in the global magazine, Women Art 278 and my work has been sold at the Eight Legs Gallery and at Created in the Carolina Gallery, both located in Waxhaw, NC. Currently my work is sold at the Indigo Pearl in Waxhaw, NC.


Photography is also a love of mine. I love capturing birds in the wild and close ups of flowers. I see beauty in almost everything and enjoy photographing the simplest things in an unusual and/or elegant way. I've been privileged to live in other countries and travel quite a bit and I'm always looking for opportunities to capture the wonderful sights"

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