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JEAN PICTON - Purchase Jean's work HERE


After gaining my art degree I didn’t know what to do next, so I applied to the Digswell Art Trust for a fellowship. The Digswell Arts Trust is a charity that for over fifty years has focused on artists in the early phase of their careers.


To my surprise I was accepted and it was here I experimented and developed my own style of painting. Up to this point, selling my paintings had not occurred to me.


A chance meeting on a train, with an editor of an art magazine who was interested in my life story led to an article in that magazine which was seen by a major art publishing company. 


I feel my work is more about “painting” than “flowers”. The subject matter is just a means to explore the skill of tonal values, composition and the drawn line. I have moved through various phases in my development from minimalist poppy images to more complex structured paintings, exploring a deeper resonance of colour.


I visited India in 2011 which left a lasting impression on me. The intense colours I saw around me challenged my thinking as to how I could replicate the importance of the relationship of colours to each other thus creating movement on canvas. My latest works are the result of this thinking. I have taken the abstract form to a larger scale, intensified the colours by adding a resin finish, thus improving the “movement” within the work. Where I am now, is proving the most exciting of all my careers, watch this space!

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