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Steve has been taking photographs since the mid-1970s and, as his wife will testify; when the weather is right he is always looking for an opportunity to capture the next image.  He is often out with his camera capturing images of the world around us, both in daylight and during the hours of darkness.  It is amazing what can be seen every day - if we just look!  Landscapes and the night sky are his particular interests.  Steve believes that photography is not so much about the camera but more about composition, being in the right place at the right time.  He tries to capture images that reflect what he has seen, without embellishment, just recording that moment in time.  It is therefore important that he has his camera with him whenever possible.


Steve has lived in Waterford and worked in Hertford for the last eighteen years and his skill as a photographer is, apart from attending a course in astrophotography at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, self-taught with much trial and error!  He and his wife consider themselves lucky enough to be at the stage in their lives where they can indulge in their travels and sample some of the natural treasures that this world has to offer and, it goes without saying, try and capture images of them for posterity.  Many of their trips away from home are essentially photographic assignments and some, particularly of the night sky, are planned with military precision. 


After years of taking 35mm colour transparencies Steve has embraced digital photography and has been working with this format for the last ten years.  He has used Canon cameras and a mixture of lenses in his work over the last twenty years. 


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