Shuli Han Dulley


Shuli Han Dulley, a member of Hertfordshire Art Society, was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang ,China.  Shuli was trained as an architect and worked with a Shanghai interior design company for a few years before coming to England . 

Shuli has been painting and drawing since she was a small child. As an adult Shuli continued to pursue her passion to paint Chinese style paintings and took this to the next level by taking professional tuition from some Chinese artists. 

When she came to England in 2008, Shuli started to paint watercolour pictures of flowers  and in particular enjoyed creating very detailed botanical paintings - artists Aileen Lawrence and Billy Showell were a major influence during this period of time.  Shuli found that she liked many styles of watercolour painting and continued to use the different styles across many different subjects .


In 2015 Shuli embarked on a course at the London Art College to improve on watercolour techniques and consequently in 2016 she received a Distinction Diploma in watercolour painting.  During her time at the college Shuli won first prize in an art competition for her excellent work. Since completing the course Shuli has widened her portfolio to paint portraits of people and animals.  During a recent exhibition Shuli's one of her portrait paintings 'Lucy' was awarded the best in show.  


If you are interested in commissioning Shuli to paint a portrait, in the first instance please contact the gallery directly.