Paulo Duarte Filipe

 Multifaceted artist, writer, poet, performer, curator, actor and director


“Artistic creation should be as natural as breathing.

 Artist is the one who feels, breathes and listens to art spontaneously, almost without realizing it.”


                                       1 - Movies

Director and scriptwriter:


a)    “Cues for Clues” (2017)- Germany

b)    “Psychedelika” (2017)- England

c)    “Filipe” (2014)- Portugal

d)    “Starlight” (2013)-Portugal

e)    “Muxima”(2013), street première, Faro, Portugal

f)     “Faro east”(2013), Faro, Portugal

g)    “Love your brother”(2013),Faro, Portugal

h)    “Emptiness”(2013),Faro, Portugal

i)      “Who is…?” (2013),London, England

j)      “Bond of Faro town”(2013),Faro, Portugal

k)    “Soap box”(2013),Faro, Portugal

l)      “Incredulus”(2013),Faro, Portugal

m)  “Posto 23”(2013),Faro, Portugal

n)    “Mollie Brown”(2012)-Faro, Portugal

o)  “From up there”(2012)-Faro, Portugal


As an Actor:


a)    in “Porta 21” (feature film by João Marco,2015,Portugal)  

b)    in  “Além de ti” (feature film by João Marco,2013,Portugal)

c)    in “Spray”(short movie by Vico Ughetto,2012,Portugal)

d)    in “Les mots abstraits” (short by Eduardo Pinto,2012,Portugal)

e)    film extra in “The right juice” (feature film by Kristjan Knigge), 2012




a)    “Spray”(2012)

b)    “Les mots abstraits(2012)


Member of Jury:


a)    in Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga,Portugal,2015

b)    in Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga,Portugal,2014

c)    in Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga, Portugal, 2013

d)    in Festival Mundial Art for Peace, Ubá, Brazil,2013


Films shown in:


a)      “Viaggio nell`arte erotica”, Gallery ArtBo, Bologna, Italy, 2017

b)      Mardleybury Gallery, England, 2017

c)      Underground Film Festival, Cameroon, 2016

d)      National Institution Museum , Kumanovo, Macedonia,2016

e)      I Mostra Internacional de Cinema “Fronteiras”, Portugal and Spain,2016

f)       Environment and Coexistence, Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea,2016

g)      Erotica- Gallery ArtBo, Bologna, Italy, 2016

h)      Shortcutzz-One minute Jameson, Lisbon,Portugal-2015

i)       Shortcutzz, Faro,Portugal,2015

j)       “Beyond borders ,Taidehalli, Seinajoki, Finland,2015

k)      “Halle 50”,Munich,Germany,2014

l)        “Industri ela”, Loulé,Portugal,2014

m)      Cannes Film Festival, SFC,France,2014

n)       Municipal Library, Faro,Portugal,2014

o)      “Patio das Letras”, Faro, Portugal,2013

p)       UFF, Federal Fluminense University, Niterói,Brazil,2013

q)       MAC-Museum of Contemporary Art,Niterói,Brazil,2013

r)        Arts for Peace Festival,Ubá, Brazil,2013

s)       Municipal Library,Faro,Portugal,2013

t)       Casa da Cultura,Loulé,Portugal,2011




a)    Filmmaking course, London Film Academy, England,2013

b)    Masterclass “Art in movies” by Jan Harlen (executive producer of  some Kubrick’s and Spielberg´s films), Lusófona University,Lisbon,Portugal,2012

c)    Filmmaking course, with Matt Cimber, University of Algarve,Portugal,2012



                                    2- Painting

2018--- “Visible Poetry connecting the world”-collective-Culture and Art Centre- Hanam- South Korea (already confirmed)

2017--- “Off license” project – Mardelybury Gallery, Hertfordshire- England

2017--- “Visible Poetry connecting the world”- collective-Street art festival- Hanam- South Korea

2017--- Haegeumgang Theme Museum, collective, Geoje- South Korea

2017--- Mardelybury Gallery, collective, Hertfordshire- England

2016--- June in Italy-Gallery ArtBo, collective, Bologna- Italy

2016—Museum of Contemporary Art, collective, Ahvaz- Iran

2016--- Haegeumgang Theme Museum, PAS´s members, in Geoje- South Korea

2013--- Gallery Praça do Mar, collective, Quarteira- Portugal

2013--- Festival Arts for Peace, collective, Ubá- Brazil

2011--- PAS´s members, Faro, Portugal

2009--- X-Power Gallery, IATTDA´s members, Beverly Hills – USA

2009--- "4 Olhares Diferentes" -Pedro Ruivo Foundation, collective, Faro –Portugal

2008--- Centro Cultural António Aleixo,solo, Vila Real Sto António--Portugal

2008---Art in the Park - Buena Vista,IATTDA´s members, Colorado --- USA
2008---"Galeria Samora Barros",IATTDA´s members, Albufeira – Portugal

2008---Fundação Pedro Ruivo, IATTDA´s members, Faro – Portugal

2007--- “Museu Municipal”, collective, Faro —Portugal

2007--- “Galeria Trem” , collective, Faro ---Portugal

2007---"Galeria Samora Barros"solo, Albufeira – Portugal

2005---"Galeria Municipal de Albufeira",solo, Albufeira – Portugal

2005---"Gallerie Dina Brito",solo, Olhão – Portugal

2005---"Artists Gallery of  Seattle", ISAP´s members, Seattle – USA

2005---"Colina Verde",solo, Maragota – Portugal

2004---"D. Fernando",solo, Évora – Portugal

2004---"Colina Verde",solo, Maragota – Portugal

2004---"Hotel Porta Nova",solo,Tavira – Portugal

2004---"Conservatório Regional do Algarve",solo,Faro – Portugal

2000---"British Society of Painters”, collective, Ilkley – England

2000---"Art Expo”, group exhibition, New York - USA

2000 ---"Limelight Gallery”, solo, Lewisham – England

1999---"Black Sheep Gallery”, NAPA´s members, Hawarden – Wales

1999---"Kelsey Park School", BAS´s members, Beckenham – England

1999---"Westminster Gallery”. NAPA´s members, London – England

1999---"Art Show”, collective, Manchester – England

1999---"Art 21", group exhibition, Las Vegas – USA

1999--- "Bromley Art Society” members, Beckenham – England

1999---"ISAP"members, Covington – USA

1999---"British Society of Painters”, collective, lIkley – England

1999--- "Gallery Not”, solo, London – England

1999---"Central Library”, solo, Bromley – England

1998---"Lagos Culture Centre",solo, Lagos - Portugal 

1998---"British Society of Painters”, collective, Ilkley – England

1998---"Young May Festival" - 7ª edition, collective, Faro – Portugal

1997/ 8---"Vilamoura Marinotel", solo,Vilamoura – Portugal

1997---"Young May Festival-6ªedition",collective, Faro – Portugal

1997---"2nd A.M.I. Forum",collective, Lisbon – Portugal

1997---"St. José Convent”, collective, Lagoa – Portugal

1997--- "Rave Art",collective, Albufeira – Portugal

1995---"Casa do Algarve",collective, Almada – Portugal

1991---"Farense Club",collective, Faro – Portugal

1991---"Gallerie O Arco",collective, Faro – Portugal

1990---" Lethes Theatre",collective, Faro - Portugal  


(I) - NAPA(National Acrylic Painters Association),UK

(II) - BAS (Bromley Art Society), UK

(III) - ISAP (International Society of Acrylic Painters-formerly the NAPA - American Division), USA

(IV) IATTDA (International Association of Two and Three Dimensional Artists), UK

(V) – PAS - Peace and Art Society-Portugal        





              3- Raku Ceramic and Raku installations


2018--- “Casa Grande”, Ayamonte, Spain (already confirmed)

2015--- “Monte do Malhao”, Castro Marim, Portugal (permanent)

2015---“Teatro Muncipal” , solo, Olhão—Portugal

2015---“Municipal Library”—solo, Vila Real Stº António,Portugal

2013---  “Galeria Praça do Mar”, collective, Quarteira-- Portugal

2008--- “Red Gate Gallery”, IATTDA´s members, London-- UK

2007---  “Galeria Trem”, collective, Faro--Portugal

2006--- “Hotel Porta Nova”, group,Tavira – Portugal

2005--- “Galleria Municipal”, group, Albufeira-- Portugal


Raku Workshops organized and participated


2005- Centro Arte “ZEFA”, Almancil---Portugal

2004- Atelier Paulo Alves, Proença-a.Nova--Portugal

2004- Centro Cultural S. Lourenço, Almancil --Portugal






                   4 - Prose, Poetry and Chronicles


2017------ Chronicle for newspaper  “Jornal do Baixo Guadiana”, Vila Real Stº António-Portugal  

2015/16-- Monthly chronicle for the newspaper “Bom dia,Zona da Mata” , Brazil

2013------“Patio das Letras”, presentation of the book “A Radiografia Tridimensional do Ser” and reading some texts and poems, by the actor Rui Cabrita, Faro, Portugal

2013----- “MAC,Museu de Arte Contemporânea”, texts and poems, Niterói, Brazil

2011----- “Museu Municipal”, first public presentation of the book and reading some texts and poems, Faro, Portugal

2007 to 2008--- “Quo vadis, rara avis”, weekly chronicles, radio station Algarve FM, Faro, Portugal

1987, 88, 89--- Monthly chronicles, AlgarveMais magazine, Portugal




   Awards, Curator and Judge



1-      2017- Curator in “Global Reaction UK, Mardleybury Gallery, England

2-      2015- Curator and Judge in Concurso Eco Rotunda-Algar, Almancil, Portugal (public instalations)

3-      2014- Curator in My Fukushima exhibitions in Portugal and Spain

4-      2013- Curator in “World Festival Art for Peace”, Ubá, Brazil

5-     Member of Jury (movies) :

                   In Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga, Portugal, 2015

                   in Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga, Portugal, 2014

                   in Bragacine International Film Festival, Braga, Portugal, 2013

                   in Festival Mundial Art for Peace, Ubá, Brazil, 2013


     6- 1995--- Awarded by National Poetry Prize, Mexelhoeira da Carregação,Portugal

     7- 1974— Awarded by Children Drawing Competition, Luanda, Angola






                                 5 – Performances


2017 ---- Video performance “A message to Cuba”- Magical Mind Tv-   .   -   .  Austria

2016 —- “June in Italy”, “Blue Shower video”, Gallery ArtBo, Bologna, Italy

2014 ---- “Chicken and mushroom”, street and market performance, Loulé, Portugal

2014 ----  “Live painting” in “Minha Fukushima”, Vila Real Sto Antonio,Portugal

2014 ----  “Live painting” in “Industri ela”, Loulé, Portugal

2013 ----  “Blue shower” in “Indigo”,Gallery Praça do Mar, Quarteira, Portugal

2013 —-  “Pina Bausch impressions”, Almancil, Portugal

2013 ----  “Art without frames”, in  “Um dia,uma obra”,Gallery Praça do Mar, Quarteira, Portugal



                 6 - Urban art and public installations


2015 ---- “My Fukushima Project”, Sanlúcar del Guadiana and Ayamonte, Spain

2015 ---- “My Fukushima Project”, Vila Real Stº Antonio e Cachopo, Portugal

2014 ---- “My Fukushima project”, Faro, Portugal

2014 ---- “Christmas trees project”,Almancil, Portugal

2013 ---- “Palm trees Project”, Faro , Portugal

2013 ---- “Clothes bins”, Associação Humana Portugal, Loulé, Portugal

2013 ---- “Festival Arts for Peace”, Ubá, Brazil

2011 --- “Street art”, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece




             7- Positions held and memberships


2017--- Member of the Grumpy art Club 

2016--- Honorable Member of PAS, Peace and Art Society, Portugal

2015--- Honorable Chairman of Sub Committee Arts & Culture Development, South Korea  

2011 to 2015--- Founder and President of PAS, Peace and Art Society,


2011 to 2013--- President of International Committee of Festival Art for Peace, Ubá, Brazil

2011--- Member of Artnations, German

2011--- Member of Gogyoshi Art Project, Holland

2011--- Member of ITTDA, International Two and Three Dimensional Art, UK

1999--- Member of ISAP, International Society of Acrylic Painters, USA

1998--- Member of NAPA, National Acrylic Painters Association, UK

1998--- Member of BAS, Bromley Art Society, UK



       8 - Art projects with children and teenagers


2015--- Primary School workshops-painting, Faro, Portugal

2013--- Drawing activities, Festival Arts for Peace, Ubá, Brazil

2013— Environment Day at the Park, Loulé, Portugal

2013--- School activities, Municipal Primary School, Ubá, Brazil

2003--- “One day art project”, Primary School, Algoz, Portugal

1997— “Pollock´s days”, Community Center, Quarteira. Portugal



      9 - Interviews to TV, radio, newspapers and magazines


2015 --- 4 page´s interview to Algarve Informativo, Portugal

2015 — Newsletter of PAS, Portugal

2014 --- Radio interview to RNF, France

2014 ---Tv interview to TVI, Portugal

2014--- Radio interview to TSF, Portugal

2013--- Tv interview to RTP, Portugal

2013--- Tv interview to Bandeirantes Tv,Ubá- Brazil

2013--- Interview to Tv Alterosa, Ubá, Brazil

2012--- 4 pages interview and front cover photo to “AlgarveMais”, Portugal

2007--- Tv interview to RTP, Portugal

2005--- Newspaper interview to “Postal do Algarve”, Portugal

2004--- 4 pages interview to “AlgarveMais” magazine, Portugal

1998--- Interview to newspaper “Postal do Algarve”, Portugal

1997--- Interview to newspaper “Correio da manhã”, Portugal

1996--- Interview to newspaper “O Algarve”, Portugal



                        10 – Other art projects


2017--- Portraits, international drawing exhibition, Culture Club Still Standing, Seinajoki, Finland

2017--- “Self-portrait”- Self-portrait drawing community, Holland

2017 –- “Rock the socks” (socks installation)-art mail project-Holland

2017 --- “Silence” (photo) - art mail project- Holland

2016 --- Video “Stone” for “I´m the world; the world is us”- Holland

2016 --- “POETEA” (poem in tea bag) - art mail project- Holland

2015 --- “Self-portrait”- Self-portrait drawing community-Holland



     11- Art Books and locations of Installations



--- International Contemporary Art by I.C.A. Publishing, New York

--- Who is who in Art-UK edition

--- VI Antologia de Poetas Lusófonos, Editora Folheto Edições & Design,Portugal

--- Anuário de Arte, Portugal

--- Guia de Arte,Portugal

--- Recycle container in Loulé, Portugal --2013

--- Installation in Faro, Portugal -- 2014

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