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Joel Brown - Psychedelika

Joel Brown and his wife Toni, created a set of slides specifically to show at the very first big Pink Floyd concert at The Roundhouse in London on 15 October 1966.  


The slides that they had created with flashes of radiant colours made them perfect for that era of music but the impact they had on the huge audience of over 2000 at that time was unexpected.


During the concert the slides were projected over the Pink Floyd while they performed…..people just stood and gaped – partly the music, partly the light show; it was an incredible multi-sensory event as the slides, when heated by a projector lamp, appeared to move organically.… had ever seen such a thing in this country.  Paul McCartney, amongst many other now famous personalities, witnessed this psychedelic slide show.


Joel has kept those slides for 50 years and Mardleybury Gallery is very proud to announce that we are offering a unique opportunity to purchase amazing prints of the originals.   This exclusive exhibition will run from 1st October through to 28 October 2016 in time to celebrate Pink Floyd's 50th Anniversary during October 2016.  

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