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Nicolette Kyriacou
Glass Artist


My first encounter with fused glass was at a small workshop making Christmas decorations. I immediately fell in love with the idea of cutting and fusing glass and giving it texture.


I have a passion for glass art and an even greater passion for trees which you can see in many of my pieces.


Having studied at the School of Creative Art at the University of Hertfordshire I have acquired the skills and knowledge in fusing glass and hopefully, creating beautifully hand-crafted kiln heated pieces.


I am based in Hertfordshire and much of my work is inspired by my beautiful surroundings using the natural green of the glass which lends itself to the influence of the countryside around me and my fascination of movement and texture.


Many pieces include locally sourced wood as stands and holders which enhances the natural theme of my work.


The range includes wall art, free standing pieces, bowls, dishes, mirrors, tea light and candle holders, Christmas decorations and other seasonal gifts.


My work is constantly evolving, each piece being uniquely created and therefore one of a kind.

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