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Anna Zaborowska

AZnka photo.png

When  the second Lockdown happened in 2020 and winter set in, I bought my first set of brushes and paint, and I keep painting ever since. It’s been fantastic. 

    As to the medium I use, I felt in love with acrylics and many possibilities they offer and just like them I am still new to the art world. So much to learn and explore.  I consider myself a creative person, in constant search of things new and inspiring. Beautiful Hertfordshire provides plenty of ideas for the work I create, whether walking my dog, cycling, padding up and down the river Lea or just swimming in it. I do love great outdoors.

Born and educated in Poland to MSc in Foods Science, I made UK my home and grew to love it for its people, customs and reach history. Plenty here to inspire.  For years I worked in food sector, looking after quality of products such as top-class coffee beans or yummy mainstream sold deserts, shifting my interest to products development and now acrylic painting.

Each job had a creative and inspiring aspect to it for sure, but I find painting most rewarding. Watching a blank canvas transform into an artwork feels like most magical experience to me.

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