Harry Hugo Little

2nd prize winner

of the

Stone Prize Award International Art Competition


Artist website: www.harryhugolittle.com


Artist statement:


Through my work I express the discomfort of the present. 

From self-portraiture to socio-political commentaries I try to express the anxieties, tension and isolation found within our twenty first century society.


I am very process driven. I work with oil paint on wood boards. I manipulate countless layers of paint across my boards, constantly applying and removing, scraping and labouring the paint until it fulfils its intended purpose. My paintings flourish through a combination of chance and precision and can take from days to months to become finished. 

I enjoy trying to distort the paint into a surface that bares no physical signs of human contact, as I feel this allows the artwork to breach the gap between painting and image. 

This helps my works move from paintings into my chosen depictions. 

Regardless of a piece’s outcome, it is not discarded; instead, when a painting loses its intended form it is stripped of paint and reworked repetitively & obsessively until it aesthetically represents its exact intention. 

While my painting process is seemingly jumbled and random, there is a distinct and direct style to it. This is also true about my work’s subject matter; while a works meaning may seem tangled and unclear, each piece holds a solid and thought out meaning. 

My art has developed as a body of expression derived from my own personal experiences, challenges, and viewpoints, and therefore, inevitably, acts as a deeply personal form of expression to me. Content wise,  my work currently explores two different avenues which intersect and can become tangled. The first is expression through the personification of my emotional state of mind. The works exist to ‘challenge and confront’ the viewer with honest depictions of the discomfort of reality. 

The second is through painting scenarios of socio-political relevance to myself. I enjoy working around themes of inequality, discomfort and claustrophobia within our current society. I  try to orchestrate a scene or situation picked from our current society which I find noteworthy or relevant. 

Recently, my painting’s inspirations currently apply to the second type of painting. 

My works often appear gritty, dark and claustrophobic. I aim for the paintings to project feelings of discomfort, tension and unease onto the viewer, feelings which I try to channel within the paintings, as I feel they allow me to create my most honest depictions. 



Artist CV:



  • ‘Fine Art Foundation Show’ (Group Exhibition)  - Amersham College, Amersham - June 2016

  • 'Exhibition 9.12.17' (Group Exhibition)- Bath Artist's Studios, Bath – December 2017

  • 'Mona Lisa Exhibition' (Group Exhibition) - Walcot Chapel, Bath - March 2018

  • ‘Harry Hugo Little (Solo exhibition) - 44AD Gallery, Bath – April 2018

  • ‘Chicken Soup’ (Group Exhibition) - Centrespace Gallery, Bristol – May 2018

  • ‘Bath Open Arts Prize’ (Group exhibition) – 44AD Gallery, Bath May-June 2018

Networks & features

Work Experience

  • ‘Bath Open Arts Prize’ – Curator and Invigilator – May-June 2017

  • ‘Bath Open Arts Prize’ – Curator and Invigilator – May-June 2018

Awards & Prizes

  • Stone Prize Award International Art Competition

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