Resignation and Component V2

Emma Boakes - Artist's Statement

I am an artist based in Hertfordshire and recently graduated from Cambridge School of Art in Fine Art.


My work aims to create order from the chaos of modern life. My personal experience of dyslexia means my mind is constantly a cluttered jumble of words and images whilst structure is difficult for me to maintain. This disarray is removed when I create artwork as I aim to take control of this chaos, creating order and a feeling of calm.

My current practice sits in the balance between two contradictory ideas placed in juxtaposition, in particular order and chaos. I work within the field of expanded painting, creating abstract geometric pieces whilst exploring an interdisciplinary practice. Following a set of rules I simplify the elements into their fundamentals of form, line and colour. My work is mixed media, incorporating various materials with a focus on the relationships between form, material and space. I often use processes of addition and reduction by manipulating the surfaces, layering and removing.


As an artist I am keen to experiment and continually adapt my work as well as being particularly interested in the calming influence that art can have. Not only for me when creating the work but for the viewer when they take time out of the busy, chaotic lives we live to look at it. I have loved creating art for as long as I can remember, and am passionate about continuing with it because it is the one place I feel most comfortable and happy and where I can overcome my dyslexia and make sense of the world. My aspirations are to continue making work, which others will enjoy and hopefully become a full time artist.


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