David Wren

David was born in Essex in 1962 and is a local artist living in Oaklands.

It was at school whilst preparing for his CSE in Art that he first found a passion for art. He fondly remembers producing artworks for his portfolio and discussing the latest Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons Albums album with his friends whilst working on his latest “masterpiece”. However, it wasn’t for another forty years that found time for art in his life again.

Retiring in 2017, David started producing artworks made from recycled drinks cans. Inspired by an artwork by artist Sarah Turner, David started producing CanArt pieces based on album covers such as Dark Side of the Moon, Aladdin Sane and the Sticky Fingers albums. Soon he branched out into other contemporary genres with works such as PacMan, Skull and PF Hammers.  More recently he has produced animal inspired works such as Tiger, Toucan, Dragonfly and Hummingbird as well as London Skyline.  David can be found working in his studio in Oaklands producing more CanArt whilst still listening to those old Pink Floyd Albums.

A word about CanArt - David explain's his technique 

Many artists produce artworks using drinks cans which provide a beautiful material with which to work (go on try it!).

The technique I use is to:

·       sketch the artwork on paper and transfer to hardboard backing

·       cut the top and bottoms off cans and to slice the remaining cylinder to give a sheet of aluminium

·       use a die press to punch small hexagons

·       assemble hexagons into a mosaic of the required design

·       hot-glue the hexagons onto design to produce the artwork.

The tricky part is cutting the hexagons to fit the design, getting just the right amount of a colour in just the right place. Sometimes it take me 7-8 cuts to get it right, but is strangely satisfying when achieved.

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