Daphne Hughes

3rd prize winner

of the

Stone Prize Award International Art Competition


Daphne is a Contemporary Abstract Artist based in Home Counties. Each abstract painting she produces is unique and original with strong visual and textural qualities. Daphne began studying Art 10 years ago, earning a BA Hons in Fine Art from Northampton University.

She was inspired to become an Artist after discovering such painters as Kiefer, Richter, Shultz and Tapies who generated a passion to capture the fabric of a subject. While studying Art, immersed herself with involvement in Collage, Printing and Photography. Using experimentation to create paintings through mark making, encapsulating complex surface textures.


‘ My Abstract paintings use diverse mediums allowing Alchemy to form and create paintings with strong textural surfaces, tactile in their very nature ‘  


Daphne’s work is based on photography, particuarly Macro , through which she explores objects in the landscape.


‘ My inspiration was influenced by acknowledging the unintentional  minute details of objects that surround us. The immediacy of this style of Macro photography is the basis for the research of future paintings. Often there is a need to use obscure materials, to fabricate texture into my paintings, and enjoy the chemistry between diverse mediums to create the paintings ‘


Daphne’s experimentation and journey through Art has culminated in the production of two books .


‘ End of the Line ; A Painter journey, showcases the hidden beauty of abandoned carriages in Cuba. Revealing their amazing surface textures, inspiring a series of large paintings with strong tactile fabrications of surface.


The second ‘ World of Macro; A Painter’s View shows the complete cycle of inspiring a catalogue of Abstract Art with strong tactile fabrications of surface, based on observational Macro Photography.


Daphne has exhibited at the International Art Fair at Tokyo’s Harajuku Quest Hall, also Gaudi’s Casa de Battlo in Barcelona, New york, Mercer st, and London’s  Pall Mall and Chelsea.



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