Catherine Fenton

Artist's Statement

I was born in Canada but at the age of four my family began to travel around Europe, finally settling in Spain when I was nine years old. The constant travelling created a need to grasp on to the sensation and the images of a transitory world. This need became my source of inspiration. Concentrating on the details of a passing moment, I see the magic in the ordinary. Sometimes it’s the quizzical juxtaposition of everyday objects which catch the eye and force you to re-examine them, as if seen for the very first time.


In an ever evolving landscape of our lives, the earth and the buildings seem to absorb our history, and in stillness we can feel it resonate with the secret residue of actions that we can not quite identify, like the record keepers watching generations pass by.  I paint the memory just out of reach, the absence of humans, reflecting impressions through symbols of earth and nature, allowing the viewers to contact that emotion within themselves, uninterrupted.


Sculpting and painting papier-mâché, clay and collage on board and canvas to recreate landscape textures, I experiment with the possibility of 'muscle memory' in the media; turning newspaper once again into trees, clay once more into earth.


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Catherine has exhibited widely in London and has sold paintings to clients in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. Recently organized World Toilet Day exhibition that featured on UN.Water’s WTD website.

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