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Sarah Hewitt


Drawing and painting has always been my passion, but in my early days a love of reading and a fascination with philosophy, led me to study PPE at Oxford, graduating from St. Peter's College in 1997.


After graduating I took up a career in marketing and local advertising, working for a number of big companies including, Sainsbury's and Habitat. However, never finding this creatively stimulating enough, I eventually decided to make the move to full-time artist and I now live with my husband, two daughters and our dog, in rural Hertfordshire. It is here in Datchworth that I enjoy painting every day from my home studio, a 17th Century barn conversion overlooking the beautiful countryside.


Besides the numerous courses and workshops that I have attended over the years, I have studied and learnt a great deal from the works of the great Impressionist painters. Joaquin Sorolla remains one of my favourite artists and his use of colour, in particular, greatly inspires me. Another way I have advanced my practice, is to spend time with contemporary artists that I admire, outside of formal workshops and lessons. This has been immensely rewarding and learning from these artists in their studios, whilst they work, has been particularly valuable.


Over the years, I have developed a particular love for using oil paint; its versatility, richness of colour and texture enables me to create both strong marks and thin washes of colour with brushes and palette knives. When I'm travelling and using my sketchbook, however, for ease and speed, I mostly use soft pastels and charcoal.


My primary focus is landscape painting and I strive to capture a snapshot of a single moment that evokes the strongest emotional response in the viewer from a beautiful scene; light and colour are my main tools to achieve this. A piece of art, for me, needs to provide an escape for the viewer, breathing space, a moment of mindfulness.

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